There is a world of well-being, support, grace, love, and connection, we can access from our intimate partnership. 


Until then, we struggle alone, even when we are in relationship; leaving us feeling misunderstood, unsupported, disconnected, hurt, lost, frustrated, and disappointed. The technology for effective partnering exists, though many of us did NOT receive the handbook. Far from it.

Fear not. You’ve come to the right place. There is help. The technology exists. The way to love, connection, and intimacy is available to you, so long as you are willing to do the work of releasing old patterns and wounds that are in the way.

If you would like to discover/rediscover the connection with your partner that brought you together, or that you intuited possible when you decided to come together, I can help. 


In-person or Skype sessions available.

We will do this with humor and warmth, inviting a loving, compassionate, atmosphere where it’s safe to get curious about what is getting in the way between you and the love you most long for. You will be supported in your dignity every step of the way as we honor the intelligence of your current strategies, and then together see which strategies still serve, and which are actually getting in the way of what you truly want.

The maps to healthy, happy relational functioning are clear. But it’s not enough to have the map, or even read it, you’ve got to head out onto the trail, and I’d love to be your guide.



  • Identify, understand, and eliminate old patterns of defensiveness and self-protection which block connection.
  • Establish a solid foundation for your couple which allows for both of your need sets to be met.
  • Learn the technology for being and sustaining vulnerability and openness with your partner.
  • Learn to communicate your needs in a way that inspires your partner to respond.
  • Learn to fight well, an essential skill in order to be in long-term relationship
  • Learn to trust your partner 
  • Learn to give and receive love fully
  • Develop more passion, intimacy, and aliveness for a more fulfilling sex life