Though you arrive at this site because you or someone you care about is suffering, I assure you that the path from here will be full of surprising moments of joy, laughter, aliveness, insight, and greater appreciation and love for who you are.


This is the unavoidable by-product of good therapy. Whether you come here because you are suffering from distress in your relationship, career, or distress in your body/mind resulting in anxiety, depression, addictions, compulsive behavior, etc. your path back to balance and wellness will be an exciting one full of discovery of the pleasure of being you.

Part of my gift as a therapist is to hold space for you so that your own wisdom can emerge. I do this by guiding you to connect deeply with yourself. Only wisdom accessed from within can mobilize you to actually and authentically change; wisdoms assumed from external sources offer only temporary and palliative results. 

I hold a gentle, loving, honest space for you to be able to ask the hard questions and make the necessary changes only you can make. I support you in finding not only your wisdom, but also your courage. There is nothing more empowering and enlivening than to be able to connect so fully with yourself that you discover the source of your own healing and the answers to establishing ease in the areas of your life in which you are suffering.

Ultimately I know I’ve done good work as a therapist when I’m no longer needed. When you’ve gained the skills to know your mind and heart and take effective action from this knowing, our work together is largely complete.

Other great by-products of our work together: my work as a psychotherapist is deeply informed by my 30 years of intensive meditation and yoga practice. I bring deep presence as well as practical tools to help you regulate your nervous system which forms a ground for personal and interpersonal well-being.

My work as a psychotherapist is also significantly informed by attachment theory and therapy. While we gain understanding into why we are the way we are by examining our early relationships to our primary caregivers, we need not be condemned to reenacting these early dynamics. By understanding the impact these early relationships had on us, moving in to meet ourselves where there was deficit, we can begin to create new patterns and expectations conducive to deep connection, love, and intimacy--with ourselves and others.

Are you suffering from:

  • self-sabotaging behaviors?
  • self-limiting beliefs?
  • noticeably under-performing in some area of your life?
  • feeling unseen and unmet in your intimate relationship?
  • sounding like a broken record about a particular topic?
  • wondering if you should leave your current relationship?

Ready for:

  • feeling confident and aligned with yourself
  • meeting your potential in work and love
  • having fulfilling relationships in which you feel completely honored and met
  • getting to have yourself and your relationships, without compromise




In-person or Skype sessions available.

I have 15  years experience working with clients to radically heal and transform their relationships with themselves, partners and children. I draw upon neuroscience, meditation, body-centered, and art psychotherapy wisdoms to help you release self-defeating patterns that block your ability to have fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

Together we will help you access the often unconscious areas where you are not in alignment with yourself. We will identify, understand and then clear negative belief patterns, moving you into a confident, loving relationship with yourself. Relationships with others respond immediately to these internal adjustments, opening pathways to becoming supportive and honoring when before they felt compromised and unfulfilling.

My approach is attuned to your pacing and unique needs. I bring warmth, humor, compassion, and genuine fearlessness to accompany you on this journey.