Navigating the path forward

We've settled into our new-found communication habits with solid success. We're both much calmer, more supportive and in general, much happier after working on some of our struggles with you. Navigating the path forward is much more fun and, while not flawless, we've done a much better job taking care of each other. I didn't realize how worn-down we'd both become until you helped us claw our way back out. Thank you so much for that gift, it's truly been a game-changer for us.  
- Married with two young children

Professional partners

I've known Catherine for years and refer her frequently. Everyone I've sent to her loves her and glows when they talk about her.
-Kristin Savory, Acupuncturist

Tools for maintaining connection

“The profound impact you have had on my life and lives of those I hold dearest. The tools you give us are so helpful, true and useful. My husband and I are maintaining such a solid connection, bond of friendship and ever-expanding love for each other. It’s beautiful, and thank you so much for it all.”
-Mother of One Blending Families with Father of Two

Rediscovering love and passion after 20 years of marriage

“When I first came to Catherine I thought that I was seeking support to leave my 20 year marriage. My husband and I had married early in our lives and hadn’t understood how to share ourselves with one another… and so we had grown more and more distant over the years to the point that the gulf between us felt truly unrectifiable. A work relationship had reawakened a spark in me that revealed my deep loneliness and desire to be truly known and loved in this lifetime—a desire I thought I’d all but given up on. To my huge surprise, instead of divorcing, Catherine helped me find a way to start truly sharing myself with my husband, allowing myself to be seen and known by him, and so for the first time getting to experience real intimacy with my husband. Today I feel like I’ve found the love of my life. I really wouldn’t have believed this possible just one year ago.”
-Wife, Mother of 2, Herbalist

Discovering joy and aliveness after a lifetime of feeling numb

"After more than 30 years of searching for healing, it is a priceless gift to have found Catherine. Slowly, gently, skillfully, she keeps guiding me from re-living the trauma of my childhood to increasingly experiencing the peace, love and joy of this moment."
-Acute Early Childhood Trauma Survivor

Discovering freedom through art-making

“Catherine's guidance creates an intentional space to feel and express the colors and textures and shapes that move through my body. It's a joy to discover what's living under my skin when there is no "should, must, or have to." The creative process of listening and translating is delightful and surprisingly accurate.”
-Art Therapy Client

Discovering your own wisdoms through art-making

“Catherine creates a space for all women to delve into their creativity no matter what her experience level is. She invites each woman's soul to speak through art by holding a deeply safe and inviting space. She's a gift for all who desire to drop into the unknown.Know that this is a deeply safe and accepting space. You will be held. I encourage you to take that leap through what may seem uncomfortable and embarrassing and taste the sweet waters of creative, wholesome unfolding.”
-Art Therapy Client

The process of discovery

“Catherine is very gifted in her capacity to create a safe container where this process of discovery can unfold. It is so nourishing to allow my intellect to rest and let my body and heart express themselves freely.”
-Art Therapy Client